An important post for everyone to read...especially everyone outside of America. Please let me know

MARTIN + MARTIN + MARTIN you made it seem like he was the only one with the it was prophecy a vision it seemed...many before him, had the same dreams, but couldn't succeed due to the evil within this nation...SO in the end...WHY WOULD WE HAVE STAYED? and WE MADE THIS NATION(from slaves to the path to being Christian)...I PROVED THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING WITHOUT JUST one man...and if satan doesnt attack that one man runs way too much...and the other future and current leaders/thinkers/preachers/children-of-God, would not have stayed here, and definitely not after 2001....WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT SLAVERY?.....dear world here are the thoughts you already have thought about the history of America and how free will can drastically change the plans God has for men and women in this world...From hitler allowed to continue because they we're racist, to the Muslim jihad caused by Mouhamed, there are so many examples of men causing stupidity thinking they are doing God's work(((marrying a 13 year old?, how often he claimed to be attacked by satan, how easy it would have been to alter his writing to make war against Christians and Jews)))....SORRY those times have to change, I'm not allowing God to allow you to continue this way....sorry, there are no reasons why you should fear anyone but God now.... and

IF your tired of being tricked or confused, then please help with a donation or if you need to guarantee that you make money back I can do a royalty stock agreement, where you receive a percentage of revenue or profits guaranteed until your paid back.

Our Corporate site can be found at Please help...don't let anyone evil continue to steal things, even if they are just confused or tricked, please don't let the good or evil American's within the 1% think they can control what I have created(even the non profits)...when I planned this I thought they would eventually give me credit for everything and also help me and those in need...I know the plan was to wait until I wasn't attacked, but God is dealing with a radically different upgrade to old plans, I am sorry if any one

I am sorry if any one from America had to deal with how difficult it was to continue running the companies and having to connect with me, as I still dealt with satan's attack to block my memories, among other things.

I say it is stolen, because you could have done better, you could have done more, and I need help now, not later, not in a few hours, but right now... #Zuckerberg #G.#o.#o.#g.#l.#e #twitter #wix #wordpress #craigslist #myspace ....#My wealth goes to God's work and to support my family, I promised Him 90% but it might be lower then that,perhaps down to 50% going to God as I try to plan for an even stranger future then anticipated.... I do not want to ever die, EVER...I want eternal life...Christ didn't die on the cross and deal with that suffering to allow my sins to be that satan could sit and try to make existence into nothing, it has only been 2016 years...I am NOT going to quit...and I won't let satan win...God's fight against Him in heaven, should be over soon.... The domains in the picture are for sale just look them up on godaddy...and start the negotiations...this is a great way to help out...

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