An update from Jon: Why was I so different while I was attacked by the memory block...

While attacked I felt like a radically different person because of the memory block....I do not want to sin and I didn't mean to make the music showing an identity as a Christian that I wouldn't promote in my was could be in my opinion...the anger of some seeing a #666 kingdom forming in their past or present in how they viewed islam...or how they viewed things in America thinking the devils attack was from islam...being slow to anger and even laughing at it can be a useful tactic to avoid a situation like the end God wants you to be is actually the best life enjoyable as other paths are....if sin weren't enjoyable no one would do it...realize the essence of life itself, it is the good and the bad that exist when given free will....PLEASE do not steal from me...if this helped you find a way to support me to continue...I am not guaranteed to be able to survive if the people around me get threatened by death in any way(there are still terrorist, there are still less then 1,000 people in my opinion within America who would devil worship or use magic, these are the most vile and dangerous human beings in the world....PLEASE help me if you can)....

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