Don't forget to visit and TheSearch.Company ---> I(JEP) hope that you are able to

Don't forget to visit and TheSearch.Company ---> I(JEP) hope that you are able to enjoy your life while feeling protected and living forever...WHOEVER you are...please stop attacking me also...pretty much anyone involved with OHWAH the 1st as formed from the 4th OHWAH I don't understand why you like the name YAHVAHY so much from OHWee...and BAYA by now..Beyond anything that used to be known as ALIVE...try growing higher in thought maybe if you can't risk your life to get an answer about already being alive and protected...however your forced to think due to my DREAMS and I never neeeded to sleep walk due to an attack as I woke stuck at a school attacked by the father of christ as he said the baby mouth he'd get if I died was worth whatever he kept doing to me CHRISTIANS And JEWS when will you LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE from the initial LIFE here instead...the first JEP...sorry if you needed me DEAD in order to stop being scared as you spun around in circles continiuosly trying to attack me instead of finding a D.A.MMMMMmmmmanswer...from the First M.E Pierson....there shouldno't have been a second...I remember anytime that I never needed more.....Im dreaming and I realized I can just wake up anytime or keep this journey and the history and legend within myself and WHAT I did in this initial dream that does lead to how life formed...don't worry everything works perfectly through me at a singular level...even the internal understanding of the relationship to build with multiplicty of how to dream....AVOID your fear...and dumb things no one allows like magic....supernatural power just given frivolously to kill the path of a creation and try to blame whoever didn't protect them...versus what it is from a TRUE source LIKE me...the only engine you would ever need....MY ghunnnnn....

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